Optimising the physical fitness of your workforce.
The scientific approach to health and fitness.

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Many workplaces are physically demanding. You need workers capable of meeting these demands. Human Performance Science specialise in the science of hard work. We look to improve the functional fitness of your workforce. Making sure they are strong enough, fit enough and conditioned against the demands of everyday tasks. There is a science to functional fitness; we’re here to deliver that science in a way you’ll understand and in a way that improves the health and safety of your workforce.

  • Human

    Everything we do is focused on the health and safety of your organisations’ greatest asset: the human being.

  • Performance

    We strive to optimise performance - the ability to execute physical tasks in a safe and efficient manner.

  • Science

    We don’t speculate, guess or assume; our processes are all driven by robust, up-to-date scientific practices.

Fit for duty: Emergency Services

Examining the physical testing and training programs for salaried and volunteer workers in emergency roles. Ensuring your organisation has the right tests, standards, and training regimes, backed by science.

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Fit for duty: Private Sector

Understanding the physical demands of mining, building and construction, transport & logistics, labour and warehousing industries. Safeguarding workers from injury, developing physical screening measures and developing physical training programs.

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Strength & Conditioning

Providing evidence-based, effective, and efficient strength and conditioning to workers in physically demanding occupations. Services are tailored to deliver the specific fitness required for the job.

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We work extensively with a range of clients, in both the emergency services and private sector.

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