About us

Improving the functional fitness of a working population

Human Performance Science is a specialist provider of services relating to the physical health and performance of a workforce. We represent that space between university research and industry practice.

Many workplaces are physically demanding. Workers need to have a base level of strength, endurance, cardiovascular fitness, agility, power, or a combination of these to be able to execute their duties in a safe and effective manner. Our expertise lies in analysing the physical demands of the workplace to determine exactly what fitness components are required. A quality scientific analysis has many benefits including:

  • Reduced injury risk of the workforce;
  • Improved functional fitness of the workforce;
  • Increased physical productivity;
  • Evidence-based strategies for return-to-work strategies;
  • Evidence-based approaches to the development of physical selection tests;
  • Job-suitable physical training programs; and
  • Evidence-based rehabilitation strategies.

Utilising best-practice science for the best results

Our team is a friendly and passionate group of exercise scientists with a wealth of experience working in the occupational sector. We work with Firefighters, Police, Emergency Service workers, Paramedics, Nurses, Lifeguards, Construction workers, Miners, Transport and Logistics workers and workers in Agriculture industries. If your work is physically challenging and you’d like to improve the functional fitness of your workforce, we’d like to work with you.