Partners & Clients

  • AirServices Australia

    AirServices Australia manages air traffic operations amongst Australian commercial airports. The organisation includes Aviation Rescue Fire Fighting (ARFF) services, a specialist team of operational firefighters who respond to incidents at the airport.

  • Victoria Police

    Victoria Police are currently examining their physical employment testing procedures for specialist divisions within the organisation. Police officers perform a number of unique and challenging physical tasks unforeseen in other workplaces. It is important that police officers can demonstrate their ability to meet these unique physical challenges.

  • State Emergency Service

    The State Emergency Service (SES) provides response capabilities to natural disasters across all states and territories within Australia. With SES personnel facing challenging working environments, efforts are being invested into ensuring employees and volunteers are capable of managing the physical challenges inherent to job roles.

  • Kieser

    Kieser provides premium services in physiotherapy, rehabilitation and strength training for a range of individual and corporate clients across Australia and the world. Their philosophy is that strength is a key attribute for all individuals to maintain a healthy body, focusing on individual’s strength in the context of their daily lives.

  • Department of Fire and Emergency Services

    The Department of Fire and Emergency Services is the governing organisation for Western Australian responder agencies, inclusive of firefighters, land search and rescue personnel, marine search and rescue personnel and other emergency capabilities. Many of their recruits undertake physical employment tests which help identify physically competent personnel.

  • Country Fire Authority

    The Country Fire Authority (CFA) is Victoria’s governing body of volunteer firefighters, home to more than 60,000 members. The CFA continues to invest considerable time and money into the health and welfare of its members, ensuring best practice research is applied in a practical and meaningful manner.

  • Heavy Haulers Australia

    Heavy Haulers Australia are a physical training provider specialising in high intensity circuit-work exercises, operating in car parks around suburban Melbourne. Heavy Haulers Australia are a unique training institute where performance is measured and reported for every exercise undertaken in a session. This type of functional training has many benefits for occupational settings, where there are high strength and power demands seen in many dynamic movement patterns.

  • Australasian Fire and Emergency Service Authorities Council

    The Australasian Fire and Emergency Service Authorities Council (AFAC) provides a forum for emergency managers and practitioners to collaborate within both Australia and New Zealand. Their focus is on risk management, preparing for and dealing with emergencies, providing a communal voice for all responder agencies in Australasia.

  • Department of Justice and Regulation Victoria

    The Department of Justice and Regulation Victoria, through the Inspector General for Emergency Management, regulates many of the policies and practices adopted by Victorian emergency management organisations. They are influential in the provision of physical employment tests and their implementation within each respective organisation.