Fit for duty: Private Sector

Fit for Duty helps us determine whether workers have the physical capacity to perform job roles. Workers in industries such as mining, building and construction, transport & logistics, labour and warehousing, perform various physically demanding roles. Fit for Duty programs for these industries create a workforce with adequate levels of strength, fitness and conditioning, to withstand these physical demands. The programs themselves can involve physical screening processes, which help identify workers at a high risk of workplace injury, and physical training programs, which train workers toward the demands of the job.


The development, or amendment of Fit for Duty programs requires a quality scientific approach. Often in the private sector we see generic health check measures or training programs which are administered to workers. Such examples are inadequate; they don’t map to the specific demands of your workplace. At Human Performance Science, we study the demands of your workplace to establish specific testing and training strategies for your workers. When the right Fit for Duty programs are established, there are many benefits for the organisation:


  • Decreased injury risk for workers;
  • Increased productivity;
  • Improved compliance with fair work legislation;
  • Improved compliance with discrimination legislation;
  • Improved compliance with occupational health and safety legislation;
  • Improved compliance with employer obligations;
  • Reduced insurance premiums.


There is a lot of scientific information to understand in the context of Fit for Duty. We’re here to provide this information in a simplified and practical manner. We provide this information through seminars, workshops or private consultation.