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Exercise programs specific to the needs of your staff.

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Physical training is a key component for anyone entering a physically demanding workforce, or for workers wanting to improve their strength or fitness. The key to training is specificity. Keeping it specific to the demands of the job, and specific to the limitations of the worker.


Our exercise scientists at Human Performance Science develop training programs and pathways for clients across all industries. We have worked with everyone from special forces to volunteers. Our approach is always to develop a deep understanding of the workplace. We do not prescribe off-the-shelf programs, we take the time to understand the demands of job tasks, to ensure workers have the right advice and resources. 


For new applicants looking to get into a job.

 If you are looking to apply for a new position, and may be required to undergo fitness testing, or undertake a recruit or selection course, we can help. We create programs that build you towards the demands of these recruitment periods. Often we see applicants who are already very strong/powerful/fit fail during these periods, because they have not adjusted their training to include specific movement patterns. Our practitioners can help you train functionally to ensure you give yourself every chance of success. 


Workers tired with the daily aches and pains, or wanting to improve their fitness or strength.

Talk to anyone working in a physically demanding job for a long period, and they will tell you about a permanent niggle or soreness in a joint or muscle. Workers should not have to endure these aches or pains, regardless of how hard the job is, or how long they have been working. Human Performance Science is committed to helping workers train in a particular way to ensure these issues never arise, or eventually go away.


Regardless of what training you are looking for, Human Performance Science trains workers as if they were elite athletes. They take the same core concepts of specificity, progressive overload, periodisation, and variety, to ensure applicants, or workers are training the right way. We follow a simple pyramid model for ensuring more basic foundational training can be completed before more advanced training.