Put your best foot forward when applying for a job in the emergency services sector

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Applicants looking to start with a new organisation.

Whether you are looking to join the military, emergency services, or commercial sector, often there are physical tests or screening measures you will need to undertake. (We know, because we have developed and overseen many of these tests). In any case, you will need to train and condition yourself in a smart and specific way, to give yourself every chance of passing. Human Performance Science offers a range of training, strength & conditioning services to help you on the journey towards your new career. 


Employees looking to improve strength, fitness or reduce pain.

Physically demanding work can often become harder over time. Years of repetition can break down your body. Little niggles appear, or you struggle to complete tasks you once found comfortable. Our job is to help workers overcome these barriers, with functional, customised training. We are not in the business of over generic off-the-shelf programs because every worker is unique. If you want advice and guidance that will steer your body away from aches or pains, or merely improve your strength or fitness, please contact us.

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