Job Task Analysis

What gets measured, gets managed.

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A job task analysis  is the process in which job demands are understood. In our line of work, the JTA refers to the process of measuring the physical demands of job tasks.


The job task analysis is the foundation for many of the functional fitness and health initiatives our clients ultimately engage in. A full and thorough understanding of the physical demands of your workplace is the necessary first step to the programs and policies necessary to improve your health & safety culture.


The term ‘job task analysis’ is used by many professionals across many industries. It is important to understand how the term applies to functional fitness and health programs. In this context, the job task analysis is a comprehensive process requiring a series of objective and subjective measures that helps your organisation fully understand the physical demands of the role. This process is based on peer-reviewed research which provides a roadmap for these measurements.


Our version of a job task analysis is much more advanced than the traditional clipboard approach to analysing tasks. Ticking boxes on a clipboard, or simply conversing with a few select employees is not enough to satisfy an evidence-based job task analysis. Similarly, our job task analysis is not the same as a job dictionary.

Looking to carry out a job task analysis for your organisation? Our staff would love to hear about your organisation and how a job tasks analysis can help your workforce. No two job task analyses are the same. To get the right process in place for your organisation, please reach out to one of our friendly staff, and let us know how we can help.