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Simple body movements and exercises are one of the most effective ways for your workers to reduce pain, and minimise the risk of onsite injury. Mobility is the general term for activities that involve basic movements or stretches, as well as localised muscle activation. Incorporating elements of Pilates and yoga, mobility is one of the most effective preventative actions workers can take. This is why elite athletes, across all sports, engage in regular mobility practices.

At Human Performance Science, our qualified and experienced mobility instructors come to your work site to deliver one-on-one or class-type mobility sessions. During these sessions, your workers will go through some simple exercises, using their body alone, or with the assistance of equipment such as therabands or foam rollers. Workers can simply wear their work uniform; the sessions are not physically demanding and can be done in almost any space.

Our mobility instructors have delivered mobility classes in field and office environments for a range of industries and clients. Whether its special force operators, or software engineers, mobility classes are hugely beneficial to workers. Everyone comes away feeling refreshed and in many cases, primed for a day of physically demanding work. If you want to arrange mobility classes, whether one-off or recurring, please contact us. We are flexible to the needs of your workplace.