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Human Performance Science started in 2013 when it was recognised something was wrong with applied research in the health & safety space. Our staff, who had previously worked in academia, and in government positions, were noticing that much of their research was not being translated into practice. Why? Because research institutions were not willing to overcome their need for publications to truly apply their research.


The more we looked around, the more we saw organisations, predominantly in the emergency management sector, using antiquated, poorly designed, and often dangerous health and safety practices. Little of the gold-standard practices from research institutions were getting through to these organisations.


Human Performance Science set about changing this system. It decided to position itself firmly in the space between academia and the real world. Taking great research and making it work. From humble beginnings, the business has continued to grow. We have been able to continuously expand our staff, resources and capability, even throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. From small projects, to nationally run multi-organisational contracts, Human Performance Science has continued to strengthen and help its clients unlock the value of gold-standard research.